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Dom.22.Jul a 30.Jul 7:00
Centro Santillan, Valdés

Dynamic Yoga in the Tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya

July 22nd – 29th 2018
Mit Andrea Panzer und Govinda Schlegel
German & English

All Levels welcome!
Dive into the Ocean of Ashtanga Yoga
Start your day with a beautiful yoga-flow and discover the new dimension of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
Experience special yoga-holidays in the “Centro Santillan” with Andrea & Govinda. It is a beautiful spot
to renew your energy and be connected with all elements of the nature!
Expect a heartopening time-out for you: An inspiring and powerful Yogapractice and meditations,
delicious vegetarian cuisine, chill with new friends at a pool, relax at the nearby beaches or come with us for sightseeing in Malaga or for an afternoon sailing-cruise.

Lift your Practice to a Deeper Level or Start now!
Welcome the new day with Meditation and Yoga, with brightness, a light and strong bodyfeeling and clear intuition.
Deepen your Ashtanga Yoga Practice with the inspiring impulses from the “Vinyasa Krama Yoga”, the root of Ashtanga Yoga, and through helpful techniques of BKS Iyengar Yoga, also through clear understanding of Breath & Bandha.
Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice with ease an d Joy!
In the morning Mysore-Class-Sessions you will fly with Govinda and his spherical sound carpet through your Ashtanga Yoga practice. Govinda is playing “LIVE” the magical sounds of classical indian music, which supports your focus, your breathing and your inner view.
Andrea ‘s guidance is unique in her empathic way and will bring your practice on a higher level.
“When breath feeds action, and action feeds posture, each movement becomes gentle, precise, and perfectly steady.” (Pattabhi Jois)

This Retreat is suitable for all levels of Yoga.
You may be beginner or advanced – we will pick you up!
The main workshop-language will be german – and englisch depending on participants.

Vegetarian Food:
The cooks at Santillan enjoy sharing their popular Spanish-influenced healthy Mediterranean Cuisine. The meals are vegetarian, and are based on organic products grown under the spanish sun, from their own gardens, local farmers, fruit trees, and herb garden.
We will have a rich Brunch after our yoga-class and a delicious Dinner.

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