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Lun.16.Jul a 21.Jul 10:00

Luthier Dance - Barcelona is happy to wellcome again Billy Siegenfeld!!!! Dance and rhythm match in perfect harmony!!!

Billy Siegenfeld (Chicago) will be teaching a 5-day workshop in the internationally acclaimed jazz dance metode, JUMP RHYTHM® TECHNIQUE – “the first genuine jazz dance technique in 40 years” (Dancer magazine)

Monday July 16th to Friday July 20th. Different levels.

And performances by "JRJP" at Luthier on Saturday 21st! With Billy Siegenfeld and company!

Jump Rhythm® Technique is a vocally accompanied, rhythm-driven approach to dance and theatre-movement training. It was created by Billy Siegenfeld, the artistic director of Jump Rhythm® Jazz Project. Its goal is to immerse music-and-dance-loving people in the joys of full-bodied rhythm-making™. The beat-driven, syncopated sounds of the blues, swinging jazz, Latin, funk, hip-hop and rap inspire all exercises and combinations.

Full-bodied-rhythm-making focuses on using the body’s 4 primary “drumbeaters” – the hands, eyes, rhythm-singing voice – to express the energies we feel inside the body. In this way, Jump Rhythm draws inspiration from an Africanist practice – fusing the singing voice, percussive body, and drumming hands into a multi-expressive percussion instrument. These 4 drumbeaters (hands, head, voice) plus the feet and other body parts play sharp-accented rhythms against the “drumheads” of the space – that is, against the imaginary spaces surrounding the body, those on the body itself, and the actual surface of the floor.

Jump Rhythm honors another Africanist practice – using full-bodied rhythm-making as a way to create community. By sharing rhythmic energy with each other in partnered improvs and dances, we transform individuality into a pathway to community.

The holistic, injury-preventive concept of Standing Down Straight® functions as the alignment foundation for all exercises and combinations. Excess strain or “holding” tension in the joints of the body is reduced because Standing Down Straight® (SDS) creates a gravity-friendly, get-down relationship to the earth.

Jump Rhythm® Technique and Standing Down Straight®.
Using the language of rhythm to connect to
the earth, to ourselves, and to each other.

Escola Luthier Dansa
Calle Balmes 53
08007 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 93.451.31.38.

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