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Cavemantraining, Benalmádena

One full year of online training, one new kettlebell exercise each week, learn through safe and logical progressions at home.

$9.99 a week cancel when you want
One off sign-up fee $39.95


- Initial assessment
** Mobility
** Measure progress
- End of program assessment/progress
- Kettlebell Training Fundamentals Ebook
- Hip Hinge Movement Ebook
- Access to password protected content
** Videos
** PDFs
- Access to private dedicated discussion group
- Tasks to complete and tick of your work list
- Follow along workouts
Pay $14.99 a week and get all of the above plus:

Private online coaching
- Alternative exercises
- Assessment of each weekly exercise
- Chose your coach
** Male or female

New sign ups every first of the month. Limited to 30 per coach. Reserve your spot early.

Sign up before the program starts and get your assessment out of the way.


- At least one kettlebell
- Cleared to exercise
- Video camera / smartphone for the assessment and if you purchase the plan that includes assessments and coaching

Go to the following page for more details: