Jue.12.Jul a 19.Jul 10:00
Villanueva del Conde

Dear Friends,

As most of you are aware of, we have shifted our gathering from Croatia to Spain. What has inspired us to search for another location is mainly the quest for better weather conditions, and a place where it is possible to get a more permanent situation.

While looking for a new stable ‘home': a sustainable site with activities all year round capable of offering various kinds of events, with permanent artwork, and infrastructure, a location that would finally host our dream project, we finally discovered the beautiful land in Sierra De Francia. It’s vast area, with breathtaking mountains, and its fresh, clean river waters, is the perfect setting for what we aim to create: a sustainable project, where nature, technology and creativity collide.

We initially thought that we could easily host an edition just as we found this jewel of nature, but after last year’s gathering we realised that building the equivalent of our sturdy 6 year old Croatian infrastructure, in such a short time, unfortunately isn’t possible.

We are very conscious of the difficulties everybody who took part in last year’s edition had, and this has pushed us to decide to take a one year break so that we can offer you the best experience ever in terms of comfort and functionality!

Those of you who have visited Sierra De Francia know that it is beautiful, but extremely wild and dry.
Because of these conditions, we need to radically better our facilities with all sorts of improvements: from toilets to showers to a highly functional irrigation system.
We definitely need more shade, and better camping areas.

We are proud to announce that we have already started with the hard work, and that we plan to move the dates of the festival to an earlier time of year, when the land is greener and the river flows deeper.

Your happiness, comfort and satisfaction have become our top priority, and we really hope we can continue to celebrate together within pleasant settings!

LOST THEORY festival will be back in the summer of 2018, and the ticket presales will begin in September 2017!

THANK YOU ALL for being with us, and for participating in our dream. All the enthusiasm and great vibes you bring to our party have certainly not gone unnoticed!!
We are so grateful for your support, and excited to try our best to give you an amazing experience.

Your LOST THEORY crew :))