Jue.28.Jun a 30.Jun 9:00
Become. Sharing Dentistry, Castelló de la Plana

“Rehab” is a clinical demonstration course “over-the-shoulder” on patient, about all processes related to smile rehabilitation by using adhesive techniques with CAD-CAM technology, and the natural algorithm concept presented in the past by Paulo Kano and developed later by other dentists and technicians as Lorant Stumpf, to get a fully-digital workflow with anatomical restorations.

During the course we will work from DSD planning, digital mock-up, teeth preparation, temporaries restorations, digital impressions and conventional, and all the lab part from design on 3Shape softwares until milling and make-up technique. Of course try-in and bonding with final adjustments. The course will include clinical discussions, digital design hands-on with computers, 3D printing, milling and make-up porcelain demonstrations, and a clinical live case.

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