The Sacred Seals are a mystical wisdom and their primary purpose is to encourage the awakening of the heart. This is an amazing program with many levels and dimensions. It is inspiring, profound and can be a great comfort to us as we deal with the many challenges that life brings.

There are seven seals and each one includes a kundalini yoga experience along with a series of Sacred Activations and Sacred Soul Alignments designed to heal, clear, and to balance, open and ignite each of the seven chakras and end with the attunement of the corresponding Sacred Seal.
Sacred Soul Alignments and Sacred Seal attunements are pure, powerful, sacred healing energies. They clear a great number of beliefs (potentially thousands of beliefs per Alignment), as well as shock and trauma, trapped emotions, oaths vows and contracts.

Soul Alignments have the power to collapse timelines that are not serving us, balance the systems and cells of the body and delete negative genetic programming. They activate dormant gifts and abilities, as well as bring in new ones, as they activate parts of the DNA and crystalline cells in our bodies. They also activate Sacred Geometry, increase psychic abilities and intuition, and more.

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