Jue.24.May a 27.May 9:00
ZAWP Bilbao, Aldai

TEH Conference 85 will focus on the transient nature of non-governmental cultural centres, and how this trait influences the development of cultural and creative industries. The main topic of the conference will be deployed through three thematic routes: identity, people, and spaces.

The conference will offer inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, training courses and a rich artistic programme. The preliminary programme will be available soon. Additionally to the Conference, on Wednesday 23 May, we are organising a very special training day on business models and organisational development. Read more below.

Twenty years seem very little time in a city’s life and, twenty years are those that Bilbao needed to transform after the industrial decline. Twenty years are also those that we at ZAWP have required to re-invent the way we build a city with a different approach. A perspective in which there are not “before and after” photos, but the continuum that is the time itself and the actions that we carry out as it passes.
We at ZAWP have chosen the term Mientras Tanto – meanwhile in English – as a workspace and philosophy, and this is how, through art and culture, we have worked in an area in transition (the Zorrozaurre peninsula) for 20 years.
At TEH Conference 85 we want to share what we have learned. We want to learn from other experiences. We will address the transitory nature of our cultural centres and art projects. We will talk about spaces and action. We want to add value to “the Meanwhile” as the only real moment that exists. Because we are right here. Right now. And we must do our best with what we have.

In 1997, the cultural association Haceria Arteak occupied an old factory in the peninsula of Zorrozaurre in Bilbao, Spain. Since then, the organisation devotes its activity to artistic creation. In 2008, the association started the project ZAWP (Zorrotzaurre Art Work in Progress) to address the temporary situation caused by the municipality’s urban development plan of the peninsula, back then an almost abandoned post-industrial area.
Nowadays, ZAWP manages and supports seven buildings dedicated to artistic, creative and business activities. Through ZAWP, Haceria Arteak has brought into being an ecosystem full of possibilities in which the neighbours and the energetic, creative community working there are driving the urban revitalisation process. In spite of its efforts, ZAWP’s staff is now facing a new challenge: most of their buildings will be demolished in 2019.

ZAWP, Bilbao, Spain
Wednesday 23 May 2018
One day before the TEH Conference 85 “Mientras Tanto. Space-time Intruders”, on 23 May 2018, you will have the opportunity to participate in a hands-on training day on business models and organisational development with some Spanish specialists.

Disrupting business models through blockchain technology
Workshop Leader: Antonio Tenorio-Fornés
Duration: 4 hours. From 14.00 to 18.00
This participatory workshop will introduce participants to potential business models for non-profit and self-managed cultural centres. During 4 hours, participants will get inspired by real examples of how to use blockchain technology; identify who creates value for their organisations; imagine new business models for their organisations using blockchain; and bring back home a participatory methodology to design communities from the inside.

Organisational development by "Action-Read" methodology
Workshop Leaders: Rosa Fernández and Itziar Zorita (ColaBoraBora Koop)
Duration: 4 hours. From 14.00 to 18.00
"Action-Read" is a tool, a game, a methodology to facilitate and improve co-creation. It is an adaptation-hybridisation of the "Composition in Real Time" method, created by dancer and researcher Joao Fiadeiro. The methodology is originated in contemporary dance and improvisation. But it aims to integrate other spheres such as cultural, social, technological and scientific to favour cooperative processes.

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