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Weekly meditation classes in Barcelona, Meditar en Barcelona
Vie.12.Ene a 15.Jun 20:00
Meditar en Barcelona, Barcelona

Guided Meditations & Teachings
Classes start on January 12th

In this course we will learn how to meditate and how to integrate Buddha’s teachings on wisdom and a good heart in to our daily lives through this practice of meditation.

Buddhist meditation teaches us how to access and maintain inner joy, even when experiencing difficulties. Connecting to the natural joy within our mind opens us up to recognising and identifying with the potential for happiness, love and other good qualities that exist within each and every one of us. This empowers us with a sense of purpose in our life, an inner drive to actualize our unbelievable potential so that we can be of real benefit to our family, friends and everyone throughout our world. The emphasis will be on how to integrate our practice of training the mind with every aspect of our life: work, family, friends, down-time etc.

* These sessions are ideal for those wishing to start meditating and for those who want to deepen their existing experience. The methods taught are beneficial to everyone, whether Buddhist or not. Although part of a series, the classes are self-contained and no previous experience is required.

* Please feel free to drop in on a class-by-class basis. Classes are held every week unless otherwise stated. No special clothing is required.

BOOK: How to transform your life, free download here:

FEES: 6€ / Class - Free for Supporting Members
Discounts bonus: 18€ / 4 Class

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