During the Yin Yoga classes with Marianne you will focus on reconnecting with your body by applying the tool of Yin Yoga. In steps she will guide you through moments of sitting still whilst doing breathing exercises. This will flow into a Yin Yoga class in which you hold poses for longer periods of time, so that each pose becomes a mini-mediation. If needed, she will add Restorative Yoga poses to make the practice even more beneficial. The effect will be that, apart from improving your range of motion and flexibility, that you will slow down and that you will feel rested, calm and soothed after each practice.

Additional activities you can book with Marianne are Private Yoga sessions, Meditation sessions, Breathing sessions and Guided Self-Inquiry Meditations. In the Self-Inquiry Meditation she will guide you through 8 steps and you will find your own answers to a situation you would like to work with. It is a powerful tool to experiencing your own wisdom and strength.

READ MORE: http://www.breathspiration.com/details/yin-yoga-retreat-with-marianne-de-kuyper/.

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